KU Law Dean's Fellows

The Dean’s Fellows are a group of second- and third-year law students selected to mentor first-year peers. Fellows offer academic support and guidance, serving as resources for students navigating the transition to law school. Fellows are selected through an application and interview process that considers their academic performance, campus and community involvement, and rapport with classmates.

2018-19 Fellows

Quentin Aker
Quentin Aker, 2L
Wichita, Kansas
University of Kansas

Paige Bangerter
Paige Bangerter, 2L
Dodge City, Kansas
Wheaton College

Evan Drees
Evan Drees, 3L
Prairie Village, Kansas
University of Kansas

Soohun Jang
Soohun Jang, 2L
Seoul, South Korea
Seoul National University

Kyle Klucas
Kyle Klucas, 3L
Silver Lake, Kansas
Kansas State University

Dan Kopp
Dan Kopp, 3L
Rockford, Illinois
Coe College

Miranda Luster
Miranda Luster, 3L
Stillwater, Oklahoma
Oklahoma State University

Adam Merello
Adam Merello, 3L
Kansas City, Missouri
U.S. Air Force Academy

Sammy Patterson
Sammy Patterson, 2L
Kansas City, Missouri
University of Arkansas

Sasha Raab
Sasha Raab, 2L
Stilwell, Kansas
Park University


Head Dean's Fellow
Sasha Raab

Faculty Advisor
Ellen Sward

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