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Dan Kopp

3L  |  Rockford, Illinois  |  Coe College  |  

Hey! I’m Dan Kopp, and I am a 3L. I’m from Rockford, Illinois, but moved around a lot growing up because my dad is a pastor. I am the second youngest of five boys; all but one of us played college football (i.e. my mom is a saint and broke the bank grocery shopping). I went to Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa where I majored in Economics, Political Science and Business Administration. I’m a huge Steelers, Yankees and Knicks fan. My interests include, but are not limited to: drinking too much caffeine, mispronouncing “La Croix,” waking up insanely early to go to the gym, kickball, wearing cut-offs, being a Public Notary, TLC references and winning intramural championships. Enjoy 1L year and don’t go chasing waterfalls!

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