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Mirand Luster

Miranda Luster

3L  |  Stillwater, Okla.  |  Oklahoma State University  |

Hey ladies and gents! My name is Miranda, and I’m a 3L from Stillwater, Oklahoma. I went to undergrad at Oklahoma State before moving up to Lawrence for law school. My area of interest is criminal law with the career goal of becoming a public defender. My favorite food is mac and cheese, and breakfast is my favorite meal of the day (If you want suggestions for places to go, I’m your girl!) I’m a puff Cheeto addict, cookies are the best way to my heart and coffee is the only way I cut through all the junk food you're just now realizing I put in my body. I have a dog, Foxxy, and she’s perfect (hit me up for adorable pictures if you want proof). I love reading, watching TV, hiking and taking my pup to the dog park, so she can insult my kindness by getting in the mud. I’m so excited to get to know everyone! Please reach out if you have questions — school related or not — because I’m here to help and excited to do so! Rock Chalk!

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