Dean's Fellows

Paige Bangerter

2L  |  Dodge City, Kansas  |  Wheaton College  |

Hello! My name is Paige! My friends call me Paige. Here are some things about me: I love dogs, but do not yet own one. (I plan on being a lawyer version of Robin Scherbatsky someday, minus the Canadian thing and everything about her, except the five dogs thing). I think sunsets are the bomb. I’m sure sunrises are too, but I’m usually sleeping when those happen. I’m from Dodge City, Kansas and went to Wheaton College. I like to drink coffee and green tea. I’m very passionate about mac and cheese. I’m afraid of monkeys. I love country-two-stepping. I am a 2L at Green Hall. My favorite quote is: “I’m perfectly willing to be perfectly human.” I’m president of KU Women in Law this year, and my favorite color is blue.

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