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Please see below for the latest updates in Admissions. 

What is the latest status with the plans for the fall?

The University is planning for live, in-person classes this fall. Of course this is subject to change and University and government guidelines on how to proceed. In the event we cannot re-open Green Hall, we are making plans to proceed with online classes until such time as we can resume live classes. If circumstances require such a decision, our faculty are committed to providing an educational experience for our students that is robust and tailored to the first year experience. 

Notice of contingency plans for distance learning


We have received many inquiries regarding pass/fail classes and the schedule of LSAT exams this summer. Below are answers to many of your questions.

I am looking to attend law school in Fall 2020. Your website says the Priority Deadline was April 1. Is KU Law still accepting applications? 

Yes. We are still accepting applications, although it is a bit more competitive at this time. But we definitely anticipate making further offers to qualified candidates.

I am taking the May LSAT-Flex Exam. Will you be making offers from the May exam?


What about the June LSAT-Flex Exam? Will you be making offers after that exam?


Should I apply now, or after I get my exam results?

You can submit your application before you take the exam, so we strongly encourage you to apply beforehand. That way we can review your application as soon as the application arrives.

I am nervous about taking a class this spring or summer for a pass/fail or credit/no credit rather than a standard grade. Will this affect my chances of admission to KU Law?

Absolutely not. Our primary interest during the COVID-19 crisis is that everyone remains safe and positive. There will be no negative repercussions to taking classes pass/fail, credit/no credit, satisfactory/unsatisfactory during these times. 

I was scheduled to take the LSAT exam this June, but now it is being offered as an online LSAT-Flex Exam. Will this affect my chances of admission to KU Law?

Also, no effect. LSAT-Flex scores will be considered equal to the traditional version of the LSAT exam.


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