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First-Day Assignments

Fall 2019

Advanced Litigation (Schnug) 

For our first class (8/29/19) please review this brief article:  Also, please complete the self-assessment form posted on Blackboard and bring it with you to turn in on the first day.  You do not need to wear courtroom attire for our first class, but you will for every court session (Thursdays) after that.  I look forward to working with you!

Alternative Dispute Resolution (Ware)

Hornbook §§ 1.1 - 1.8, 3.43 - 3.45

Appellate Advocacy (Stegall)

There is no assignment for the first day.  Check your email for the syllabus.

Civil Procedure (Hines)

For class Thursday, August 29th, please read pages 293-99 in Civil Procedure by Yeazell & Schwartz (10th ed.).

Commercial Law: Secured Transactions (Ware)

Casebook pages: xxxi-xxxvii, 3-4

Comparative Law (Head)

As shown in our Comparative Law syllabus, our first two class sessions (Thu 29 Aug and Fri 30 Aug) will focus on the material in Chapter 1 of the book.  Please consider the Study Questions at the beginning of that chapter, which will serve as a “backbone” for our discussions.  In addition, be prepared to address this question:  what do you aim to get out of a comparative study of law ... personally, professionally?

Contract Drafting (Sears)

August 29, 2019

Translating the Business Deal into Contract Concepts. These chapters provide the framework for the course. You will learn the analytic skills that deal lawyers use when drafting and the basic contract concepts from a deal lawyer’s perspective.

Reading Assignment

Chapter 1 – A Few Words.
Chapter 2 – The Building Blocks of Contracts.
Chapter 3 – Translating the Business Deal – Part 1.
Chapter 4 – Translating the Business Deal – Part 2. (Including the Appendices to Chapter 4.)
Chapter 5 – A Contract’s Parts.  
Class Discussion – We will discuss Exercise 5-2 during class.  Please review it.

Contracts (Drahozal)

For the first day of class, read and prepare to discuss pages 1-8 in the Burton & Drahozal casebook. In addition, find, read, and bring with you to class a contract of your choice.

Contracts (Mulligan)

1) Register for Mulligan’s Contract course on TWEN and download the syllabus.

2) Sept. 3 (first period) pp. 3-22

3) Sept. 3 (second period) the Cook case on TWEN and UCC 2-101 to 2-107

4) Sept. 4 pp. 33-43

Elections and Campaign Finance (Johnson)

First Day-Thursday, August 29 

Lowenstein casebook:  pages 29-31, 47-48 n. 5, 52-77, 117-124 n. 5 

on Blackboard:  U.S. Constitution, Art. I, Sec. 4 and 5​; Amendments 15,17, 24, and 26 

Employment Law (Rosenberg)

Welcome to Employment Law! For the first day of class, please take a look at the syllabus and do the readings listed in sections III.A.1 and III.A.2. I am looking forward to seeing everyone in class.  The syllabus is posted on Blackboard.

Environmental Law (Outka)

The only reading assignment for the first class is to read the short environmental law news stories listed below. Collectively, these selections will give you an early sense of the wide-ranging issues, themes, and challenges for environmental law and policy, historically and looking to the future as the field continues to evolve.

Please prepare for class by sketching answers to the questions below for each of the readings: What is the environmental problem and what is causing it? Who has an interest in this problem and why? What does the situation described suggest about the possibilities or limits of law as a source of environmental protection? (1) “A Century of Controversy: Accidents in West Virginia’s Chemical Valley in Lead-Up to Spill” – National Geographic (Jan. 16, 2014) http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2014/01/140116-chemical-valley-w... EPA News Release: EPA selects cleanup plan for Kanawha River Superfund Site to address fish contamination (Aug. 1, 2017) https://www.epa.gov/newsreleases/epa-selects-cleanup-plan-kanawha-river-... (2) “Enviro Sues Mass. Resort Over Harbor Waste Pollution” – Law360 (Aug. 2, 2019) Access Law360 via LexisNexis in “Legal News” - search by title (3) “32 New Lawsuits Filed Against Sterigenics in Ill. State Court” – Law360 (Aug. 21, 2019) Access Law360 via LexisNexis in “Legal News” - search by title (4) “A Question of Environmental Racism in Flint” - N.Y. Times (Jan. 21, 2016) http://www.nytimes.com/2016/01/22/us/a-question-of-environmental-racism-... (5)“D.C. Circuit Gears Up for Busy Environmental Docket” - E&E (Aug. 7, 2019) (we have access to E&E through the Wheat Law Library, you can click through if you are on campus) https://www.eenews.net/greenwire/2019/08/07/stories/1060866517

If you have any difficulty obtaining these sources, please let me know

Evidence (Velte)

Casebook Foreword, Study Guide, Chapters 1, 2 and complete the Introduction Assignment (posted on Blackboard).

Federal Income Tax (Mazza)

∙Purchase from the bookstore the following required materials:

                Burke & Friel, Taxation of Individual Income (12th ed. 2018)

                CCH, Federal Income Tax Code and Regulations -- Selected Sections (2019-20)

Before the first class, access the TWEN materials for this course and read the Course Description.  During the first class, we will discuss some administrative matters relating to the course and complete Unit 1 (relating to the sources of U.S. tax law) and Unit 2 (relating to tax policy).  For Friday, we’ll get through Unit 3 and Problem 1 in Unit 4.

Because you may not use computers during class, you’ll need to print out the materials in advance.

Global Challenges in Law, Agriculture, Development, and Ecology (Head)

As shown on the course syllabus, the first three class sessions will identify how current world events reveal “global challenges” in the core areas of international law, agriculture, development, human development, environment, and ecology.  So in advance of our first class (Thu 29 Aug), please peruse the news for an interesting and timely topic falling within one or (preferably) more of those “core areas”. 

Health Law and Policy (Collier)

Session 1 – September 3

Introduction and Overview: Health Law and Policy


Review Syllabus

Review slides Posted to Blackboard

Furrow, Greaney Ch. 1, pp 1-25

Furrow, Greaney Ch. 19, pp 1021-36

Intellectual Property Law (Holman)

Please read chapter 1 of the assigned textbook, which is:

Intellectual Property Law: Cases and Materials, Sixth Edition, by Lydia Pallas Loren and Joseph Scott Miller (Semaphore Press 2018).

International Law and Literature (Bhala)



Week 1: Monday and Tuesday, 2-3 September

Please Note: No Class Labor Day, Monday, 2 September

Treaty Interpretation, Conventional Vienna Convention Interpretative Methodology, and “Morality” in International Law

Lecture and Class Discussion Topics:

(1) Studying Law “As” Literature

(International Legal Texts “As” Literature)

(2) Treaty Interpretation Methods

(Conventional Vienna Convention Approach to Treaty Interpretation)

(3) Examples of “Bad” versus “Good” Treaty Drafting

(The difference can mean war versus peace!)

(4) “Morality” Provisions in International Law

(GATT Article XX(a))

(5) Satire and a Great Irish Writer:

Jonathan Swift (1667-1745)

Reading Assignments:

(1) Posner, Preface, pages xi-xvi; and Critical Introduction; pages 1-17

(2) 1969 Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties, Articles 31-32 (4 pages)

(3) Clark, Katharine & Matthew Connolly, A Guide to Reading, Interpreting, and Applying Statutes, The Writing Center, Georgetown University Law Center (April 2006) (21 pages)

(4) GATT Article XX(a) (1 page)

Optional Reading Assignments:

(1) Cross, Chapter 1 (Historical), pages 9-19; Chapter 2 (Jurisprudential), pages 20-45; Chapter 3 (The Basic Rules States), pages 46-67; Chapter 4 (The Basic Rules Illustrated), pages 68-111

International Trade and Finance (Bhala)

The syllabus is available as a hard copy on the syllabus table outside room 203.

The first day assignment, which is listed in the syllabus, is the same for all of (i.e., carries through to) the classes through Tuesday, 10 September, is:


International Trade Law, 5th edition (2019), Volume 1:

Preface, Introduction, and Chapters 1-3, and Chapters 4-12


Watch YouTube Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=LY2XVBlZ_nE&feature=youtu.be


Modern GATT Law: Preface and Introduction, Volume II: Chapters 56-57

The required first day assignment is to be spaced out over the first few classes, through 10 September. 

Islamic Law (Bhala) Ft. Leavenworth

Pick up syllabus from the syllabus table outside room 203.

Thursday, 8 August (Unofficial First Class) INTRODUCTION: TEN THRESHOLD ISSUES


● Life and Times of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) (PBUH) 570/571-632 A.D.

● Revelation, Themes, and Compilation of the Holy Qur’ān 610-650 A.D.

Required Readings

Understanding Islamic Law (Sharī‘a): Preface, Notes on Manuscript Preparation, Introduction: Ten Threshold Issues, and Chapters 1-3

Diana Wichtel, The Words of the Prophet – Islam v Terror: Islamic Law Expert on Understanding Sharia in the Modern World, The Listener (New Zealand), 17-23 June 2017, at 28-31,


Watch YouTube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uy91hIavLRU&feature=youtu.be


Speech by President Barack H. Obama, On a New Beginning, Cairo University, Cairo Egypt, 4 June 2009 (Attached to Syllabus)

Qur’ān:  Introduction at pp. xiv-xxxvi; Qur’ān, Surah 2 (The Cow) at 2-33 (skim only); Surah 19 (Mary) at 191-95; Surah 20 (Ta Ha) at 196-202; Surah 26 (The Poets) at 232-38; Surah 30 (The Byzantines) at pp. 257-60; Surah 36 (Ya Sin) at pp. 281-84; Surah 37 (Ranged in Rows) at 285-89; Surah 49 (The Private Quarters) at 338-39; Surah 55 (The Lord of Mercy) at 353-55; Surah 56 (That Which is Coming) at 356-58; Surah 69 (The Inevitable Hour) at 387-88; Surah 77 (Winds Set Forth) at 403-04; Surah 105 (The Elephant) at 437; Surah 106 (Quraysh) at 438

Jurisdiction (Mulligan)

1) Register for the Course on TWEN and download the syllabus

2) For Aug. 29, read the following cases from the TWEN page:  Pennoyer and International Shoe

3) For Aug. 30, read the following cases from the TWEN page: Perkins and Helicopters

Jurisdiction (Sward/Six)

For the first day of class, Thursday, August 29, access the course Blackboard site and review the syllabus. Complete the case reading assignment posted on the assignments tab as you read pp. 77-88 in the casebook.

Juvenile Law (Sheldon)

Required Texts

Children in the Legal System (5th Edition) (2014) and Casebook Supplemental Materials (2017)

by Davis, Scott, Wadlington, and Weithorn.[1]           

Revised Kansas Code for Care of Children    Kansas Statutes Annotated 38-2201 et seq.[2]

Revised Kansas Juvenile Justice Code           Kansas Statutes Annotated 38-2301 et seq.[3]

Juvenile Justice Authority                              Kansas Statutes Annotated 75-7001 et seq.[4]

September 9                                                               Introduction to the Legal and Philosophical Basis to the Juvenile Justice System

                                                                                    Read:   Casebook:  Chapter 1 (pp.1-2)

                                                                          Chapter 9 (pp. 913-918)

                                                                                                Kansas Code for Care of Children

                                                                                                            Section 38-2201

                                                                                                            Section 38-2209

                                                                                                            Section 38-2210

                                                                                                            Section 38-2211

                                                                                                            Section 38-2212

                                                                                                            Section 38-2212a

                                                                                                            Section 38-2213

                                                                                                            Section 38-2247

                                                                                                Kansas Juvenile Justice Code

                                                                                                            Section 38-2301

                                                                                                            Section 38-2309

                                                                                                            Section 38-2310

                                                                                                            Section 38-2311

                                                                                                            Section 38-2312

                                                                                                            Section 38-2325

                                                                                                            Section 38-2326

                                                                                                            Section 38-2353                


[1] The Supplemental Materials for the casebook may be found on Blackboard.

[2] The Revised Kansas Code for Care of Children may be found on Westlaw under Kansas state materials.  In Westlaw, choose “State materials (Kansas)” and then select Kansas Statutes.  The Revised Kansas Code for Care of Children is Chapter 38, Article 22.

[3] The Revised Kansas Juvenile Justice Code may be found on Westlaw under Kansas state materials.  In Westlaw, choose “State materials (Kansas)” and then select Kansas Statutes.  The Revised Kansas Juvenile Justice Code is Chapter 38, Article 23.

[4] The Juvenile Justice Authority (Juvenile Justice Reform Act of 1996) may be found on Westlaw under Kansas state materials. In Westlaw, choose “State materials (Kansas)” and then select Kansas Statutes. The Juvenile Justice Authority (Juvenile Justice Reform Act of 1996) is Chapter 75, Article 70. Please note that on July 1, 2013, the Juvenile Justice Authority was abolished by Executive Reorganization Order No. 42. All the facilities and programs administered by the Juvenile Justice Authority were transferred to the Department of Corrections. Please feel free to read this Act; the only section that I am assigning to read, however, is K.S.A. 75-7023.

Professional Responsibility (Hoeflich)

Topics and Cases Covered: In re Glass, 58 Cal. 4th 500 (Cal. 2014); In re Mustafa, 631 A.2d 45 (D.C. 1993); In re Prager, 422 Mass. 86 (Mass. 1996); In re Zbigien, 433 N.W.2d 871 (Minn. 1988); In re Taylor, 1996 Cal. LEXIS 4452; In re Griffiths, 413 U.S. 717 (U.S. 1973); Supreme Court of New Hampshire v. Piper, 470 U.S. 274 (U.S. 1985); In re Garcia, 58 Cal. 4th 440 (Cal. 2014)

  • Bar Application Process/Academic Misconduct
    • In re Glass, 58 Cal. 4th 500 (Cal. 2014)
    • In re Mustafa, 631 A.2d 45 (D.C. 1993)
    • In re Prager, 422 Mass. 86 (Mass. 1996)
    • In re Zbigien, 433 N.W.2d 871 (Minn. 1988)
    • In re Taylor, 1996 Cal. LEXIS 4452
  • Disability Accommodations
  • Citizenship
    • In re Griffiths, 413 U.S. 717 (U.S. 1973)
  • Residency
    • Supreme Court of New Hampshire v. Piper, 470 U.S. 274 (U.S. 1985)
    • In re Garcia, 58 Cal. 4th 440 (Cal. 2014)

Prosecutorial Ethics (Valdez)

Required Materials: “Prosecutorial Ethics” (3rd Ed) by R. Michael Cassidy and Suzanne Valdez (West Publishing)

For our first class on Tuesday, September 3, please review ABA Model Rule 3.8 - Special Responsibilities of a Prosecutor (and comments).

Nonprofit and Tax-Exempt Organizations (Hopkins)

Reading Assignment:

  • Textbook, Chapters 1-3
  • Sample articles of incorporation

Internal Revenue Code sections 501(a), (b), (c); 170

Special Topics: Cybercrimes (Wolesky)

Read and be prepared to discuss Riley v. California, 134 S.Ct. 2473 (2014).

State Court Practice (Valdez)

All course materials for State Court Practice will be posted on Blackboard throughout the semester.  Chapter 1-3 will be posted for your use under the "Course Materials" tab by the start of classes on August 29.  Please review the first folder called "Commencing a Civil Action" for the first week of class.

The Law of War (Hoeflich)

Read pages 1-72- Gary D. Solis, The Law of Armed Conflict ( 2nd. ed., Cambridge: Cambridge University Pr., 2017). 

Torts (Hines) 

For class Thursday, August 29th, please read pages 1-16 in Tort Law: Principles and Practice by James Underwood (2nd ed.).

Torts (Simon)

1) Read Introduction to Torts pages 1-16 

2) Read Intentional Torts Battery pages 17-32

Torts (Velte)

Torts: Casebook read pp. 1-30 and skim​ pp. 31-46 and complete the Introduction Assignment (posted on Blackboard).

Water Law (Titus)

Introduction to Water Law, pages 1-15. Hydrology, pages 82-84; 355-358; 371-378; 408-410; 417-18.

Available Online in Blackboard:

25% of World’s Population Under “Extremely High Water Stress”

Activity – bring a hard copy of an article discussing a water law issue in your home state and write a short paragraph or two summarizing the issue to discuss and hand in during class.

Academic Calendar

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