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First-Day Assignments

Spring 2019

Advanced Legal Research

For Wednesday, January 23:

  • Students should purchase the online, interactive textbook (go to TeachingLaw.com and click on “Add to cart”). If you have questions or difficulty purchasing, contact csteadham@ku.edu or TeachingLaw.com@gmail.com
  • From the TeachingLaw.com homepage Main Menu, select the “Research Sources” category and read the first section entitled “Introduction to Legal Research” (including the following subsections: The American Legal System; Overview of Primary Law; Overview of Secondary Sources; Citing to Research Sources; Overview of the Research Process; A Research Plan Example: From Start to Finish
  • Our first class meeting will include discussion of the assigned readings and an overview of the course syllabus.

Advanced Litigation (Schnug)

Greetings! The course syllabus is posted on Blackboard. For our first class (1/23), please complete the self-assessment form posted on Blackboard and review the article found at this link: http://www.persuasivelitigator.com/2012/06/talk-to-the-eyes.html. You do not need to wear courtroom attire for our first week. I look forward to working with you.  

Banking Law (Kalahurka)

Required Text:  Financial Regulation and Policy; Michael S. Barr, Howell E. Jackson & Margaret E. Tahyar, Foundation Press (2016).

Students are encouraged to read Chapter 1.2 (the History of Financial Regulation) and Chapter 1.3 (the Regulatory Framework) as background reading before the first class.

Business Planning Seminar (Hoy)

  1. Chapters I and II; and
  2. Problem I of "Business Planning"" by Gevurtz.

Commercial Law: Payment Systems (Drahozal)

For the first day of class, read pages 1-9 in the photocopied materials.

Complex Litigation (Hines)

For Wednesday, January 23rd, please read pages 1-14 in "Mass Tort Litigation" by Professor Linda Mullenix. You may not use your laptops to take notes in this class.

Consumer Law (Muller)

Assignments 1, 2, and 3, pp. 1-47; Problems 1.2, 1.4, 2.2; 15 U.S.C. §§ 44, 45, 50, 52, 53, 54; 15 U.S.C. § 1602, 1603.

Contract Drafting (Sears)

Class 1 - January 28, 2019

Translating the Business Deal into Contract Concepts. These chapters provide the framework for the course. You will learn the analytic skills that deal lawyers use when drafting and the basic contract concepts from a deal lawyer’s perspective.

Reading Assignment:

  • Chapter 1 – A Few Words.
  • Chapter 2 – The Building Blocks of Contracts.
  • Chapter 3 – Translating the Business Deal – Part 1.
  • Chapter 4 – Translating the Business Deal – Part 2. (Including the Appendices to Chapter 4.)
  • Chapter 5 – A Contract’s Parts. 

Class Discussion – We will discuss Exercise 5-2 during class. Please review it.

Contracts II (Mulligan)

  1. Jan. 24: Text of UCC Art. 1 / begin next assignment
  2. Jan. 25:  Assignment # 1 in Keating – problems 1.1-1.6
  3. Register on TWEN site

Corporate Finance (Harper Ho)

Reading assignments for the first several weeks including required supplemental readings will be posted to the "Course Materials" section of Blackboard, which will be available to you the week before classes begin. The syllabus for the course will also be posted to Blackboard and I will distribute hard copies in class. 

Our casebook is Carney, William J., CORPORATE FINANCE: PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICE (Foundation Press, 3d. ed. 2014). 

The assignment for Tue. Jan. 22 is:

Casebook: Carney pp. 1-10 (skip Quick Check 2.1 on p. 10).

Blackboard E-Supplement: Robert J. Rhee, “Introduction,” in Essential Concepts of Business for Lawyers (Wolters-Kluwer 2012), pp. 1-2; Excerpts from Brealey, Myers & Allen ("BMA"), pp. 2-5, 8-10, 721 (located in the folder for Tue. on Bb); OPTIONAL: SEC’s Guide to Financial Statements (https://www.sec.gov/reportspubs/investor-publications/investorpubsbegfin...). 

Powerpoint slides will generally be posted in advance of class and I encourage you to view or print them in advance so you'll know where we're headed.

NOTE: All supplemental course materials will be posted both on the course Blackboard site and will also be available in the optional (but recommended) coursepack.  The coursepack should be available by the week before classes start at the KU Main Union - I'll confirm once I have more information. The cost of the coursepack includes not only copying costs, but also royalties to the copyright holders and so will be more expensive than printing the materials yourself.  However, because the exam for the course will be in closed mode (wordprocessing only), I encourage you to save time and buy the coursepack rather than attempt to print out all supplemental readings.  In either case, you will want to check Blackboard regularly in advance of class for additional materials, including weblinks, tools, and powerpoint slides. A zip file of the coursepack will also be available on Blackboard.

Deals (Harper Ho, Hecker)

The required text for this course is Stacey Bowers, CORPORATE DRAFTING: A PRACTICAL APPROACH (West 2015) (“Bowers”).  Additional required materials for this course (“Supplemental Materials”) will be posted electronically via Blackboard. Please be sure to access the course’s Blackboard page regularly.  The course syllabus will be provided to you the first day of class and will be available on Blackboard by the end of the week (1/18/19).

Assignment for Tue. Jan. 22:

Bowers text: Ch. 2 (Facts); App. A (Dramatis Personae); Ch. 3 (Attorney-Client Engagement Letter). Your assignment is to read these chapters but you are not required to complete any assignments – the assignment in Ch. 3 will be discussed in class. 

Complete the "student survey" posted for today's class on the course Blackboard site and bring it to class in hard copy.  These will be collected at the end of class. 

Supplemental materials (available on the course Blackboard site): "M&A - 2019," HLSCG Jan. 15, 2019; Model Rules of Professional Conduct 1.6-1.10, 1.13; SKIM: Richard E. Climan et al., "Negotiating the Acquisition of a Privately-Held Business: Some Basic Issues and Principles," ABA 20th Annual Nat'l Inst. On Negotiating Bus. Acquisitions, 2015, Sec. A (previously assigned in Due Diligence); “Time & Responsibility Schedule,” in ABA Committee on Negotiated Acquisitions, The M&A Process: A Practical Guide for the Business Lawyer (2005 ed.), pp. 59-61; annotated form engagement letter (Polsinelli).

Estate Planning: Practice (Ramsdell)

We will cover the Introduction (Assignment 1.1), Practice Matters (Assignments 2.1-2.3), and a substantial portion of The Planning Process (Assignments 3.1-3.5).  Realistically, we may reach, but not complete, Assignment / Problem 3.5 – The Ralston Family.

Environmental Justice: Legal Theory and Practice (Environmental Law Seminar) (Outka)

Please read pp. 7-12 in the textbook.

Family Law (DeRousse)

Our required text is Abrams, Douglas E., et al. CONTEMPORARY FAMILY LAW (West Academic, 4th. ed. 2015). I will also post supplementary materials on Blackboard and provide handouts in class at various points through the semester.

For our first class on January 22, please prepare as follows:

Introduction to Family Law

  1. Skim “Summary of Contents”, pp. xvii-xx.

Chapter 1, Marriage, Family and Privacy in Contemporary America

  1. Introduction – pp. 1-4, 8 (start at B) – 13 (end at B).
  2. “The Status and Conditions of Family Law Practice,” pp. 57-64.

Federal Courts and the Federal System (Sward)

For Wednesday, January 23, please read pp. 1-7 in the materials posted on Blackboard, as well as pp. 263-277 in the casebook.

Health Law and Policy (Collier)

Furrow, Greaney Ch. 1, pp 1-25 and Ch. 19, pp 1021-36.

Check Blackboard for handout.

Higher Education and the Law Seminar (Landsberg)

Higher Education and the Law, second edition (2014),  Areen and Lake, Foundation Press, pages 6-8, 78-81, 1067-73, 1023-28, 1055-66, 1145-52 and please read the syllabus.

Jurisdiction (Sward)

For Wednesday, January 23, please read pp. 77-91 in the Casebook

Lawyering Skills II (Keller, Six, Watts, Rosenberg)

For the first day of class, please review the syllabus and complete Supplemental Reading #1 (including the assigned exercise), which will be posted on Blackboard.

Legislation & Statutory Interpretation (Leben)

First-day assignment: pp. 1-38, 69-75.

Media Law Project (Kautsch)

The initial assignment is posted on TWEN (The West Education Network). If you have any difficulty gaining access to the TWEN site for the course, please notify Professor Kautsch at mkautsch@ku.edu.

Oil and Gas (Schremmer)

Lowe, Anderson, Smith, Pierce, Kulander & Ehrman, Cases and Materials on Oil and Gas Law (West, 7th ed. 2018).

  • Historical background, 1–4
  • Introduction to land descriptions, 51–55
  • Ownership & rule of capture, 56–66 (skip note 7)
  • Common law limitations on rule of capture, 92–111
  • Oil and gas conservation, 691–708 (skip Larsen); 729–30 (skipTenneco Oil); 736 (section (f) but skip Soames); 741–44; 761–66; 806–14

Practice in Kansas (Valdez)

There are no course materials to be purchased. All course materials will be available on Blackboard.

Please review the first file folder, Chapter 1, called “Commencing A Civil Action” for the first week of class.  It can be found under the Course Documents tab on Blackboard.

Property (Outka)

  1. Please read thoughtfully and prepare to discuss pp. 1-8 of Chapter 1, The Concept of Property, in our core textbook Sprankling & Colletta, Property: A Contemporary Approach.
  2. Please print, read thoughtfully, and bring to class “The Moral Complexity of Private Ownership,” pages 6-11 in Freyfogle & Karkkainen, The Institution of Private Ownership: Introductory Essays (2013) (available free for download at: https://ssrn.com/abstract=2310181.) NOTE: You do not need to print the entire document, only pp. 6- 11. 

Real Estate Finance (Hickey)

First assignment is posted on blackboard and has been emailed to students.

Remedies (Hines)

For Wednesday, January 23rd, please read pages 1-15 in Modern American Remedies(Concise 5th ed.) by Douglas Laycock and Richard Hasen. You may not use your laptops to take notes in this class.

Representing Nonprofit and Tax-Exempt Organizations (Hopkins)

Reading assignment:

  • Textbook, Chapters 1-3
  • Review of law of tax-exempt organizations – discussion (see attached “crash course” outline)

Sovereignty, Self-Determination and Indigenous Nations (Kronk Warner)

  • David Matheson, Tribal Sovereignty:  Preserving Our Way of Life, 34 Ariz. St. L.J. 15 (2002)
  • Angela Riley, (Tribal) Sovereignty and Illiberalism, 95 Cal. L. Rev. 799, 821-835 (Historical and Legal Foundations of Tribal Sovereignty) (2007)
  • Definition of Sovereignty, available at:  http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/sovereignty

Taxation of Business Enterprises (Mazza)

Required materials:

  • Schwarz, Lathrope & Hellwig, Fundamentals of Business Enterprise Taxation: Cases and Materials (6th ed. 2017)
  • Current Code and Reg volume (2018-2019 ed.). Students who took Federal Income Tax in the fall will use the Code volume purchased for that course. 
  • Assignments and additional readings, which include the syllabus, will be distributed via TWEN.

Assignment for first class (Wednesday, January 23):

  • Purchase the required materials from the bookstore.   
  • Download the materials from TWEN.  [I plan to issue the syllabus in two parts.  The first part, covering introductory material and subchapter C, should be posted sometime during the week before classes begin.] 
  • Keep an eye out for an email, which will contain the assignment for the first day of class.  

Please note that class on Wednesday, January 30, is cancelled.

Trusts & Estates (Drahozal)

For the first day of class, read pages 1-10, 22-27 in the Gallanis casebook.

Writing for Law Practice (Six)

  1. Read: Fajans, et al., Writing for Law Practice, Introduction on pages vii-xi
  2. Read: Evan Schaeffer, Write Better Legal Documents with an Editing Checklist, on The Lawyerist, https://lawyerist.com/81296/write-better-legal-documents-editing- checklist/  (April 14, 2017).
  3. Critique the memo found on the course Blackboard site.

NOTE: It is not necessary to purchase a new copy of The Aspen Handbook for Legal Writers or to separately purchase an access code to Casebook Connect.

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