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The sum of Shariah

The Kansas City Star
Helen T. Gray
Friday, June 29, 2012

The Kansas Legislature's passage of a ban against state court or agencies making any rule based on foreign law, namely, Sharia, continues to spark controversy. Rice Distinguished Professor Raj Bhala lent his opinion to the ongoing debate.

Gray wrote:

Raj Bhala, professor of law at the University of Kansas School of Law, said the fear of Shariah is irrational, based on ignorance not only of Islamic law but also American law that prohibits cruel and unusual punishment and provides protection for women and children.

“So it would be illegal for a state to enforce some element of Shariah that would run against American laws,” he said. “This threat of Shariah taking over the American legal system cannot happen because of the safeguards we already have.”

Note: The original article is no longer available online.